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The Bliss of a Good Soak

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

There is something sweet about getting to soak in a hot tub with a good book and lots of sudsy bubbles. There’s something special about going to a beautiful spa and getting to sit in the steam room or even a bubbling hot tub to melt away for a few luxurious moments. Whether your melt away soak is in a ornate high end spa with soft mesmerizing sounds or just your own bathtub that is surrounded by the kid’s bath toys and their laughter from another room we can be transformed by hot water.

Just the thought of a good soak can encourage us to move in that direction of getting to some hot water. Once in that water, our minds instantly relax, our muscles ease and we are freed from what is holding us tightly in our lives even just for a few brief moments. We have a “ah” release after a nice deep breath of steamy water that is floating in the air. That time to yourself is not only good for your mental health but can also be a wonderful relaxing detox for your body. It is a bliss we cannot easily capture but that we can thoroughly make the most of when we make the time.

When we get to dip ourselves in hot water and enjoy that blissful moment we can actually include things that will further enhance that experience.. Doing so provides for longer lasting effects that will influence our health and deliver support where we need it outside the tub.


Bath salts, specifically epsom and dead sea salt, are incredible for our skin. Soaking in salts provides that much needed softening of skin that supports sloughing off dead skin that can result in softer skin, healing from dryness and provide much needed detoxification to prevent and control breakouts.

When we soak in salts we also are giving our bodies a way to draw out toxins from deeper in our bodies. A 20 minute or longer soak in epsom or dead sea salt water for instance helps with muscle aches, joint pain as well as detoxing our adrenals. All of that can be associated from stress we were holding onto. That “ah” feeling when we get in the hot water and are relaxing is our adrenals sighing and being able to let go of gas pedal in the production of cortisol that was helping us manage stress.