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The Grace of Being a Whole Person

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Exercise takes many forms in terms of type, intensity and involvement. When you are first starting out with exercising to improve your health you can expect there will be more challenges as your body gets used to moving. These challenges can seem insurmountable and painful but they can also come with a sense of accomplishment and sign of progress.

Regardless of exercise you choose however, we can all benefit from basic stretches that are performed regularity. Stretching is like the reward your body appreciates after repetitive exercise or intense work outs. It is like introducing air and space to the deep corners of your joints and muscles so they can expand and relax.

The other benefit of stretching is what it does to your mind and heart. Aligning your body’s movement to be in sync with your thoughts and emotions is a freeing experience and one that can greatly influence your health physically and mentally. So much of our physical health is actually derived from our mental well-being and emotional balance that to ignore these and just focus on our physical form defeats the ultimate purpose of what it means to get and stay healthy.

Yoga Means to Stretch

The basic premise of yoga is to stretch. There are many frameworks of yoga that include movement with breath and perhaps even chants but the ultimate goal is to stretch your body, focus on your balance, test your strength and improve your alignment between heart, mind and body.

In yoga the exercise itself is more mental than physical. The physical aspect of getting into different poises and aligning your breath to the movement takes physical strength but it also takes mind support. We can’t be thinking of our to-do list and holding a graceful tree poise for instance.

The practice of yoga is calming to our mind while loving to our body. We can do a light yoga to focus more on calming and centering in our minds or we can do a more intense practice to focus on strength building and balance in our body. Both help us build up the core strength we need to extend our capabilities to other areas of our life. We feel calmer and confident to deal with difficult situations. We are clear minded to see a different path we didn’t previously. Our body is refreshed and relaxed for taking on a physical challenge or being rewarded from completing one. Our hearts are full of self-love and focus on what we need in our lives.

Getting into the state where we feel this refreshing exhilaration while being calm and collected is an incredible result of a regular yoga practice. With its many adaptions it is ideal for everyone of any skill level.

The Practice

I enjoy a good yoga class that is a mix of the regular yogis, those just starting out and those that are casual about it. It feels good to walk into a class that is calm and everyone there is trying to focus on something they personally need. It’s as much a group setting as it is individual.

I also really enjoy practicing yoga on my own. There are several videos and ways to do this on your own. I actually really like doing it with my young son because he teaches me to not be so serious and have some fun exercising. For me, it is a treat to not only get a few minutes to myself but also reward my mind, body and heart. I can breathe, relax and let it all go without thinking anyone is watching me.

Another reason I enjoy yoga by myself or just with my son is I can include essential oils in my practice. Using oils in a yoga class is becoming more popular and I like a class that does this but I really like when I can personally customize what I’m using for my practice. Doing so let ‘s me focus on what I need to zero in on specific areas.

The doTERRA Yoga Collection of 3 specially crafted oils is honestly a favorite on and off my yoga mat. These oils are spot on in their meaning and support while doing yoga as well as just living life and dealing with every day stuff. To me exercising and practicing yoga is also about supporting my mind, emotions and heart. If I’m just working on my body without also looking at what is running through my head or what is on my heart then I’m not accomplishing much of anything by exercising. That’s where these oils come in to help with all 3 areas.


This oil blend is for the times when your mind is running amok and you feel overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, and things are out of control.

The mixture of Bergamot, Coriander, Marjoram, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil, Jasmine and Rose come together to sooth those haywire feelings. We can increase our thoughts to a centering sensation that is more tranquil and calming so we can find the right path forward for us in all that chaos.

The Warrior Pose II is powerful with this oil because we are receiving balance through our legs and arms to receive our own inner strength and apply it to our situations. We can sort through the chaos and find that balance for us.

Diffusing this oil when you have these kinds of overwhelming, indecision or chaotic feelings is powerful. Use that aroma to stand in Mountain, move to Warrior Pose II and Triangle to open that inner balance between your body, mind and heart. Follow through with a long seated position inhaling this oil deeply to release what you cannot control and meditate.

If you are looking for an exercise that enhances your health and provides the mental release from rampant stress this is a great option to look at with this oil and basic yoga moves.


We all at times feel disconnected and unsure of our purpose. This uncertainty can play with our ability to sleep, organize and overcome our thoughts and prevent us from finding the courage to make tough decisions. Over time these feelings can lead to depression, anxiety and feeling isolated in what we are going through. All of this in turn can influence our physical health including motivation to exercise and eat well.

The doTERRA Arise oil blend of Lemon, Grapefruit, Siberian Fir and Osmanthus is an oil of connection to ourselves and our higher power. We can find our spirits lifted, our confidence restored and mental chatter calmed through use of this oil.

Using this oil with the Half Moon or Standing Side Stretch poises of yoga can further enhance the experience of using this oil and finding these results.

If you consider what these poises look like it’s not hard to imagine yourself rising above that which is challenging you. You are literally bridging the span between the ground that holds you and the sky above you.

In my experience with using this oil it helps keep you from slipping away form the healthy habits you are forming with eating well and exercising when life starts to be chaotic and challenging. It is an oil of assurance and confidence that we need to feel connected and strong.


Anxiety is a real condition that can make us feel a rapid heart beat, sweating, shakiness and being overwhelmed. Without a strong sense of ground under our feet these anxious feelings can derail our focus from building health.

Anchor is a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Black Pepper and Patchouli. These are calming and centering oils individually but when combined help us build up a stronger sense of harmony in our thoughts, actions and feelings.

This oil diffusing when you are mediating or doing yoga twists helps you unravel the thoughts and fears so you can see clearly, feel intentional and speak your truth. A yoga twist is about opening the space in your body so you can increase focus and intention. Often when we have anxiety our digestion is calling out for increased support where a yoga twist can help.

Interested in more?

For me personally, exercise needs to include something that works across my mind, body and spirit. When I feel relaxed and recharged I am more likely to be focused, patient and encouraging to myself and others. Knowing that I the doTERRA Yoga Collection of oils amplifying those experiences is a wonderful support that I have not been able to find any other exercise form.

Yoga is a great exercise that supports you as a whole person and all of your physical, emotional and mind needs. Including the doTERRA Yoga Collection in your practice can support your movements for ultimate results in achieving your helath goals.

If you have questions about the oils described in this post or you would like to purchase them, please reach out.

With an account you can get the doTERRA Yoga Collection and their other natural health products and essential oils at wholesale pricing. There is never a requirement to purchase monthly or even sell doTERRA. Get your account today and start realizing the benefits of including pure certified therapeutic oils to your health.

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