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The Heart, Mind & Body of a Growing Kid

We all want to do the best we can for our children to help in their growing process. As parents we do things like making sure they eat healthy food including getting some fruits and veggies in those busy bodies and making green veggies hidden in foods so even they get eaten as much as possible. We make sure they get enough play time and being outside in sunlight running around. We also work on keeping bedtimes and giving them opportunities that enrich and fill their minds with important information they will need in their life. Our lives as parents are filled with the support our children need to be healthy and strong.

Like a lot of parents, in our home we increased our focus on all the things our son is exposed to every day. What he sees, hears, touches and experiences are things we cannot always control but as parents we try to safeguard against the more harmful things to him that are both physical and emotional risks.

One of the ways I changed how we control our home environment was by changing out our cleaners, air fresheners, health and personal care products to natural versions. This gave me a peace of mind we were not exposing our son to unnecessary chemicals but also was helping all of us be healthier.

Since bringing essential oils into our home, our son was quickly fascinated with them. He likes helping us make soaps and smelling all the different oils. He likes applying oils to the dryer balls and throwing them in the dryer. We even have used the oils on him when he’s not felt well or needed support relaxing or focusing. The results are amazing and he openly asks for them now in place of medicine when he’s not feeling well.

There’s something really beautiful about a child’s soul. They cannot hide honesty  on their little faces and they will tell you upfront what they like the smell or taste of and what is yucky.

When doTERRA rolled out their new Kids Collection I was so happy to be able to bring him home his very own set of oils. Whenever I travel I try to bring him home a little something so this was extra special for him to get a whole set of oils just for him!

We spent some time going through the flashcards and we talked about where you put each oil and what they do. He quickly twisted those caps off and was rubbing each oil over every inch of his little body. He even told dad those were his oils and put them securely in his own bathroom like we have in our bathroom.

He did a little video talking about a couple oils he uses before bed for his cousins and I sneaked it onto Facebook to share with others.

doTERRA’s Kid Collection contains a set of 6 roller ball bottles that are specifically focused on what a child needs to help with their emotions, feelings, physical body and mind. Each is labeled with very cute names and come with colorful labels and silicon caps that make them easy to open and use in smaller hands.

Our son and us highly recommend this for every child.

Interested in more?

What a better way to teach them to care for themselves with natural products that target exactly what little growing bodies, minds and hearts need!

The best way to get the Kid’s Collection is with a wholesale membership. The wholesale membership saves you at least 25% off all your purchases for an entire year. Each oil in the Kids Collection can be purchased individually starting in November 2018.

The entire kit can be purchased as a single set and includes a durable pouch and educational flashcards to help the child learn to use their oils safely.

Get an account today and get this cute super power set in your child’s hands!

Please reach out if you have questions or need help!

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