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The Poor Man’s Rose

The geranium flower is known as the Poor Man’s Rose. It is an economical plant to include in gardens and has a long bloom period to stretch out the color. The shape and scent is often compared to that of a rose giving it the nickname of being the Poor Man’s Rose.

Geraniums are a showy plant to have in your yard. I love their hardiness and full blooms. Where I live they come back year and year and bloom Spring through Summer and well into Fall making them a neat flower to draw color. They are hardy plants upholding against cool Spring temperatures and blistering hot summers without even a blink of wilting.

The geranium plant’s hardiness is one of the qualities that make the essential oil version of the plant so desired. It is packed full of physical and emotional benefits we can use every day.

Medicinal Blooms

The geranium blooms, leaves and stalks are used to make the essential oil. The main components of geranium are citronellol and geranial. Citronella is of course widely known for it’s ability to ward off mosquitoes and other backyard pests which is why so many gardeners use this plant in their flowerbeds.

Geranium essential oil has been used for thousands of years for relieving pain associated with the liver, gallstones, pancreas and kidneys. It is an excellent detoxifier for the body that helps rid of toxins and support renewed functioning of key bodily systems. The doTERRA Zendocrine oil and softgel have a hefty dose of Geranium essential oil included in them for this reason.

The oil can also be used for PMS, hormonal support and balancing and low libido. The use of this oil during these times helps regulate our menstrual cycle and support the emotions that come along with it.

doTERRA Geranium essential oil can be taken internally for health and emotional support needs. Using this oil in a capsule or directly under the tongue delivers quick relief and support.

Natural Beauty

One of the more popular ways to use geranium essential oil is through skin care. By adding a drop of the oil to moisturizer there is an enhanced benefit for skin hydration and skin tone. It also helps with oil control.