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The Smell of Fall

Pumpkins are neat and all but there are so many other scents to the Fall Season that can make your home environment align with the season.

The Fall season reminds us of bright vibrant colors, crisp air and cuddly warmth. It is a season of both in and outdoor experiences that can be positive for our health and mind. There is an underlying energy in this season full of preparation in the air for harvest and collection in the physical objects around us as well as in our minds and souls. We take stock and prepare for the next steps in our journey. We become mindful of the shorter daylight hours and turn inward to soft lightening, warmer blankets and what this means in the bigger picture our life.

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With a high quality diffuser and pure essential oils you can create these sensations to support these exciting feelings of Fall in your home. The beauty of using essential oils compared to plug-ins is the freedom to experience these aromas and scents without the chemicals and toxins while delivering value to your health. The difference is the ability to enjoy them without harm to our lungs, skin or possible interactions that negatively impact our health long term.

Selecting a Diffuser

Diffuers vary in size, functions and cost. The key points of selecting a diffuser are:

  1. High output of continuous mist

  2. Auto shut-off features

  3. Timer settings

  4. Adequate water tank

  5. Appropriate for the size of room

I have tried several diffusers and continually go back to the ones I get through doTERRA. They are more expensive than others but they have outperformed and outlasted any other diffuser I’ve purchased. doTERRA’s diffusers are high output and the results are amazing when placed side-by-side other diffusers.

I have 2 of the 3 diffusers shown in this picture in my home. They are wonderful units that work well in large rooms and have never disappointed me.


Selecting Oils

Once you’ve settled on a quality diffuser, it is important to use good pure oils in it. If you purchase an oil that is not pure or contains ingredients other than the essential oil you are not going to experience the benefits.

Additionally, using impure oils is dangerous and doing so in many cases is the equivalent of using a chemical filled plug-in  – so what’s the point?

Invest in good oils. It is good for your health and your home. Ensure they are pure and from a company with transparency about their sourcing, processing, quality and purity testing standards. It is for this reason, I only use doTERRA oils.

If you’re concerned about cost, understand when you invest in good oils you are using them in place of chemical air fresheners, plug-ins and other products around your home. This change in product costs less because you use much less than you do of the chemical product and its better for your health, respiratory system and well-being.

doTERRA’s Wholesale Membership provides new members with an opportunity to get a lovely set of oils, ranging in prices to fit budgets and many come with a diffuser!

Fall Diffuser Blends

Here are some wonderful ways to create a Fall experience in your home using your beautiful diffuser and pure essential oils.

Interested in more?

Are you wanting to bring the Fall season into your home? Kick the plug ins this season and switch to doTERRA essential oils and a high quality diffuser.  The doTERRA Home Essential Kit or Natural Solutions kit both come with high quality, long performing diffusers and a great selection of oils to bring the Fall experience to you.

Contact me with questions and help.

Wholesale members receive 25% off their purchases and can access further discounts and promotions throughout the year. The initial membership fee of $35 is waived with selection of a new member welcome kit like the Home Essentials Kit or Natural Solutions Kit! Become a member today at

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