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The Work Trip Support System

Many of us travel a lot for work. It can be seen as glamorous to those who don’t work this way but those of us who have done it for a while know that glitter rubs off really quick.

There is nothing fun about the “cattle call” to get on the plane, spending hours sitting in a stinky airplane crammed shoulder to shoulder and dragging a suitcase everywhere. Then there are the hotels that for the most part are cesspools of germs and viruses. When traveling for work you usually work longer hours than normal and can be in high stress situations between the travel and what’s going on at work.

Yes glamorous indeed right?

This is a unique way to work but doing so for long periods can have tremendous impact on our health. We are exposed to a great deal of germs and viruses through this way of work as well as other threats associated with different climates, foods and a great deal of stress.

For your next trip, overhaul your personal items to include natural products that effectively support your body and protect you against germs and stressful situations. This is a great way to have effective support while giving you some peace during high stress.

Travel Required Oils


This doTERRA oil blend is specifically curated for supporting attention and focus while remaining calm and centered. Using this roller ball on the back of your neck supports you when you are needing to focus on a receiving a lot of information or work through very deep details.


Power Up Option! Frankincense & InTune

Combining InTune with a drop of Frankincense to the top of your head and back of your neck increases the effect of feeling grounded and remaining “in tune” with the information you are needing to receive and process.

This is a wonderful support for long meetings!


We are all familiar with the “count to 10” method to take a pause. We also know sometimes 10 is not enough!

Using Breathe before you enter a meeting or as you are encountering less than pleasant people on your trip, can help you take that nice deep breath and keep things more positive and not blown up.

Open the bottle and take a nice deep breath, apply to your chest or simply your wrists can help you in these tense situations.



When we are highly stressed, on the go, or affected by turbulence, airport food,  temperature and climate this can impact our digestion and cause diarrhea, bloating, gas, heartburn and lots of other unpleasant travel inconveniences. The majority of business travelers I have met all carry a product like Tums for this very reason.

Instead using a natural product can provide a healthier alternative and more immediate relief.

  1. 1 drop of DigestZen on either side of your nose helps with inflammation to help prevent sinus and allergy reactions, including the headaches that come with these.

  2. 1 drop of DigestZen under your tongue or using the chewable version is a powerhouse for knocking out upset stomachs, heartburn and the like.

  3. Applyng 1 drop of DigestZen from your chest to your stomach before bed also helps ensure what you’ve eaten during the day doesn’t haunt you at night.

  4. A drop of DigestZen is also good for dealing with “after-taste” and breathe concerns after a work lunch that isn’t setting with you well

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Muscle Support

When we travel we are cramped in airplanes, walking or running through airports, carrying heavy bags and generally moving a lot.

This can be tiring on our bodies and feet.

Unfortunately many do still need to travel in business clothes too making this even more strenuous on our feet due to dress shoes and restrictiveness of the clothing.

Taking the time at night to apply these three oils to the bottom of your feet and legs will make sure you give your body some relief and are prepared for the next day.

Deep Blue (Oil or Rub), Cypress and Frankincense

If using the Deep Blue oil, you need 1 drop, along with 1 drop Cypress and Frankincense.

If using the Deep Blue rub, use a small amount from the tube along with 1 drop of Cypress and Frankincense.

Apply this to your feet, top, bottom, in between toes, ankles, heels and calves.

Cypress is great for circulation support and when combined with Frankincense and Deep Blue this creates a nice relief to your muscles and cells.


Sleeping on the Road

Getting a good solid night’s rest while traveling is critical. Even when you are used to traveling a lot the wear on your body and mind is significant.

I highly recommend a small travel sized diffuser for your hotel room. It will not only make your room smell nice but it will support you in getting rest.

The oils I highly recommend to support sleeping on the road include:


This oil is superb at helping to rest and stop over-thinking the day