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To the Rescue

Anyone who has young kids today knows the Paw Patrol. My son loves the Paw Patrol. He has gotten a bit older since he first fell in love with these canine heroes but he still loves to watch the show and periodically pulls out his Paw Patrol toys. It broke my heart a little when one day he said the Paw Patrol was for babies and he didn’t like them anymore. Later I learned it was because some of his friends thought they were too old for the Paw Patrol now but I will notice our son still playing with his toys and asking to watch the show now and then. Oh, the pressure of friends!

I think the Paw Patrol stories show good lessons on friendship, kindness and helping one another. They are constantly helping or rescuing someone on Adventure Bay and it reminds us that once in awhile we all need the help of another, even our dog to make it through the day. To understand we can ask for help as well as be willing to help one another is a powerful life lesson.

When our children are sick, scared or hurt we just want to soothe that pain away as quickly as possible. Sometimes there’s something we can do like kissing the boo-boos and other times we just have to comfort and hold tight until the tears stop. In our house I am ready to hold our son tight whenever he needs but I also have handy my own Paw Patrol rescue kit to deal with all kinds of issues that may arise in our own Adventure Bay called home.

Kids Collection

The doTERRA Kids Collection is a powerful set of 6 oils that each target a specific need that kids and adults can find support from.

Each roller ball bottle is diluted with fractionated coconut oil to allow for on the go application without worry about skin sensitivity. It also allows for children to apply the oils themselves (with adult supervision as needed) to teach them about self-care and self-healing from an early age.

Why Start When They’re Young

When I look back over my 30 year career in healthcare and the past few years learning about natural health I am concerned when it comes to the health care and educational systems that are available to my son. We live in one of the most technologically advanced ages ever yet we are one of the most unhealthy populations to have ever lived.

Antibiotics are over prescribed to the point they no longer work in our systems to fend off illness. Children are quickly referred to attention and behavioral medications because they can’t sit still in school all day and focus on homework at night. Children often have sleep issues similar to those of adults due to stress and anxiety. Our food system is so broken and filled with dangerous color, preservatives and chemicals that many children lack nutritional meals that support their growing needs. One of the worst issues I see is the travesty of the school lunch. What is called healthy or adequate in a school lunch is simply disgusting. All of these are big issues for a child to contend with at a time when their biggest concern should be when they can get outside to play!

Being able to protect my son in any way from some of these pitfalls that could hinder his growth or present lifelong problems for him is very important to me. That’s where this doTERRA Kids Collection comes in. I’m very proud of the fact that for the past 2 years he’s been one of the few children that has not missed school days due to illness. He uses oils himself from the Kid’s Collection and I use some on him as needed. The rest is just him being a healthy little boy that is growing too fast.

He knows when he is hurt somewhere or doesn’t feel good that we’re going to grab those oils. He even asks which one to use for what when he needs something. It’s a wonderful situation that he is actively learning and participating in for when he is an adult. How encouraging is it that he will have the knowledge and information to make informed choices for his health care needs that includes things he can do himself!

There are so many things we teach our children as part of their growing process. We teach them to practice good manners, ride bicycles, fix things around the house, cook food, wash clothes and more so they will have the skills and knowledge to take care of themselves later when we’re not around. Why then wouldn’t we also include things that support their health? Things they can access, proactively do and use to keep themselves well and support a healing process when they need it.

Interested in more?

As a mom who has used natural health in her home for the last few years I can honestly say this doTERRA Kid’s Collection is well worth it. It has all of what our son needs and has helped him from simple growing pains, tummy aches and getting focus on the homework. It supports his growing body and mind and I trust it.

If you have questions about the oils in the Kid’s Collection, please reach out. I’m happy to help.

You can get the doTERRA Kid’s Collection as a whole set with cute zipper pouch to get your child started on their natural health journey. Simply click here to receive 25% off:

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