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To the Rescue

Anyone who has young kids today knows the Paw Patrol. My son loves the Paw Patrol. He has gotten a bit older since he first fell in love with these canine heroes but he still loves to watch the show and periodically pulls out his Paw Patrol toys. It broke my heart a little when one day he said the Paw Patrol was for babies and he didn’t like them anymore. Later I learned it was because some of his friends thought they were too old for the Paw Patrol now but I will notice our son still playing with his toys and asking to watch the show now and then. Oh, the pressure of friends!

I think the Paw Patrol stories show good lessons on friendship, kindness and helping one another. They are constantly helping or rescuing someone on Adventure Bay and it reminds us that once in awhile we all need the help of another, even our dog to make it through the day. To understand we can ask for help as well as be willing to help one another is a powerful life lesson.

When our children are sick, scared or hurt we just want to soothe that pain away as quickly as possible. Sometimes there’s something we can do like kissing the boo-boos and other times we just have to comfort and hold tight until the tears stop. In our house I am ready to hold our son tight whenever he needs but I also have handy my own Paw Patrol rescue kit to deal with all kinds of issues that may arise in our own Adventure Bay called home.

Kids Collection

The doTERRA Kids Collection is a powerful set of 6 oils that each target a specific need that kids and adults can find support from.

Each roller ball bottle is diluted with fractionated coconut oil to allow for on the go application without worry about skin sensitivity. It also allows for children to apply the oils themselves (with adult supervision as needed) to teach them about self-care and self-healing from an early age.