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Today I Will Not Let the Dragons Win

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Just one day without major upheaval, stress or drama would be nice, right?

24 hours of blissful peace where work isn’t a pain in your side, the kids aren’t fighting, the house is moderately clean and things are running ok in your life.

Sometimes we just want a nice day filled with happiness, peace and contentment. No stress, no major crisis and certainly no drama.

Doesn’t seem to hard or much to ask is it?

Knight on a White Horse Kind of Day

I realize getting such an ideal day can seem impossible. It’s much akin to waiting for a knight on a white horse to show up and sweep you away to live the life of a well pampered royal.

Wanting to be rescued from stress is a nice dream. Sometimes we do get relief from it through our friends and family where we can vent but more often than not we still have to deal with it. Sometimes sleeping on it doesn’t make it go away the next day.

Sometimes we have to be our own knight.

Slaying the Dragons Named Stress, Drama and Crisis

The Dragon Named Stress

The Stress dragon is a ornery old beast that rears his head when there are lots of things going on and his whole game is to get us off our game. He strives to make us feel overwhelmed, tired, frustrated and beat down by not being able to get everything done on our list.

This dragon is one of our own doing. We create and feed this beast when we try to be and do all and do it all to perfection even.

A small dragon of stress can be ok hanging around. They are cute, keep us active and motivated and can feel like a challenge. However, once we continually feed him and he grows it can become unmanageable quickly. This often reminds me of the Dr. Seuss story of the little boy that overfeeds his goldfish and the fish gets so big it overtakes the city pool.


Control the size of your Stress Dragon by taking time to step away from him. Love him from a distance and make sure you are not overfeeding him.

Oils to help when our stress dragon start to grow include:


Be realistic with your to-do list and set reasonable timelines and expectations for yourself.

A Dragon Named Drama

People love drama. You may claim you don’t but we love it so much there are movie, TV and book genres named after this dragon Drama.

No one minds drama as long as they don’t have to deal with it. He’s cute from a distance. It’s like the cute baby that you see wailing and no one can comfort to make him stop. He’s cute from a distance and we feel for the parents dealing with that baby but we also are greatly relieved that it’s not our baby.


Drama happens for a couple different reasons but usually it’s because of the same fundamental need to be in control. It is a call for attention from someone because the attention they are getting isn’t enough or not exactly what they want it to be. We are all guilty at times of getting involved with and even starting drama.

Once you have the attention of this dragon he wants to play for a long time, hours, days, weeks and even months! It can seem he will never give up.

Avoid it all you want, it’s not going anywhere once awakened.

When you are the one starting drama, even if you don’t want to admit it, you need to reach for the Lemon essential oil.

Lemon is a natural detoxification oil that can help us not only detox our bodies but also our minds. We can give attention and love to ourselves and find out what’s really driving us to stir up the dust around us. Are we unsettled with what’s going on? Are we unhappy? Do we need to work through something we are avoiding?


If you are involved in someone else’s drama, I recommend gently suggesting Lemon essential oil for them but also using these oils for yourself to help keep a clear mind and being open to working through this dragon in the most constructive, positive way.

ea0054c27d3160c3f849bc5fee1d5884--fractionated-coconut-oil-my-life-is (1)

The Dragon Named Crisis

Crisis is actually a two headed dragon that is normally quiet but when he roars everyone can feel him. This happens when something really major happens in our life that shakes our ground as he walks completely takes us for a loop on his back.

We cannot always control Crisis. We may see him coming but not always. We will always definitely feel him.

The one head of this dragon is for the times when something truly major happens that is out of our control. This is when something like a death, natural disaster or something completely big happens and we have to just respond, react and brace ourselves.

We need courage, strength and determination in these types of events. We may also need consolation, comfort and rest. These oils can help us during these times when we have to be strong for ourselves and others as well as comforting and being comforted.

wa-doterra-peace (1)

Now the other head of Crisis can also be woken through our own doing. When our Drama dragon goes on for too long he can wake his brother Crisis and then you have a war. These two fight together and against one another to the point you can’t even remember how it all began. This is a dangerous situation to be in as it can cause damage to your feelings and others you care about. There are heightened levels of discouragement, frustration, anger, unforgiving, hurt, and pain that can be insurmountable.

When you are in a crisis like this, you have to take the time to self-heal and work through what you are feeling. You have to take time to yourself and sort through these things before you can logically figure out how to calm this ugly dragon.

There are so many emotions that can be triggered with this type of crisis that I cannot possibly list them all here but a few that may help include:


Interested in more?

Don’t let the dragons take away your joy and put you in a continual fight or flight mode. Our bodies and minds were made to be peaceful and happy.

If you have questions about what oils may help as you fight dragons, please reach out

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