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Tough Hits and Knockdown Blows

I have been dealt some hefty blows this past year that have really shaken my foundation.  It’s amazing how much can happen and what you have to go through all for the sake of making sure there is money to keep bills paid. I think most of us can commonly agree working for a living generally isn’t what we want to be doing.

That continual threat to our livelihood and dependency on a corporation to be there for us in the long run is one of the reasons many of us have that “one day” dream of finding a way to eliminate or significantly reduce that dependency.

I decided one day just to go for it. In the middle of chaos working full time for an un-thankful company I went for it. Maybe it was stress or maybe it was that I had just had enough but I went for it anyway.

I didn’t know what I was doing but I was going to find out.

Something had to give.

Honestly, it gave me a sense of peace and confidence I had not felt in my full time job in a long time. It gave me a space to put all the creativity and inspiration my job was sucking from me without replenishment.  It helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses  in ways a performance review and annual goals at my corporate job never did.

I know many of you can relate sitting down at the annual performance review to discuss goals that are corporation specific and basically boundaries you are to work within and then someone is going to evaluate you on how well you did on their goals. Evaluations are often subjective and let’s face it the outcome, even it is great you met all those goals often means very small increases in pay or bonuses.  So who’s goals and needs are being met? Did working on these obscure, vague goals fulfill you? Is it pleasant to have another human being evaluate you?

Yeah, me either.

But when I started my own business it allowed me to evaluate myself on goals I wanted to truly work on. The goals that mattered to me and my life.

I could breathe.

Now as yet another blow has come to my doorstep from my corporate job, I find myself yet again shaken.  It’s been a big blow this time and I’ve been very emotional and upset about it. I’m scared and I’m worried.

My side business is still humming. It’s not a mega million dollar enterprise and it can’t pay my bills yet but it’s still there. I know it’s working and while small, it’s still mine.

What I Do Know

The number of people with side hustles, cottage businesses and going into business for themselves is growing more every day for this same reason.

People are tired of being at the mercy of corporations who will kick you out at a moment’s notice. Then what do you do to pay the bills?

The entire “side hustle” phenomenon is because people have realized you can’t depend on or trust just one income stream.

Whether your side hustle is a part time job or cottage business like mine you know the sacrifice you make to do that every day. You’re working very long hours, giving up other things and constantly looking for ways to expand your footprint.

Sometimes that side hustle is the only thing keeping you sane. Sometimes that side business is harbor of certainty you can’t get through your regular job.

Starting a business or side hustle

Anyone who says you don’t have a real business if it comes from network marketing has never seriously done that line of work.

It is a very legitimate business and carries with it a lot of stigma and baggage from years of people not taking it seriously and trying to cheat the system for their own gains.

It is also every bit as much work as a business started with a lot more money invested. The same effort, hours and tireless focus to build it is required. It just happens that network marketing businesses require less money to start but beyond that it’s the same.

I chose to include a direct marketing element to my business because it was a small investment for something that aligned to my business strategy and what I wanted as part of my overall picture.

Selling doTERRA wholesale memberships helps people have access to high quality natural health products that will enhance their health and home. The doTERRA products I help people get access to have been a blessing in my home and in my family’s health.

Like a chain store where you purchase sneakers, my business product line of essential oils and natural products works the same only on a much smaller scale.

That big chain store didn’t personally sew your new shoes. They bought them from another mega company, marked them up and are selling them to you. I didn’t personally curate the essential oils but rather I can help you access them at a discount price (the same price I buy them for).

So if you want to think about it that way, all the big box chains are nothing more than direct marketing companies too!

Buy Local, Support Small Business – Especially the Cottage Business

How many of you remember when someone used to run out to pump gas and wash your windshield for you? I was a little kid at the time but I remember that service.

That level of service can still be found in small cottage businesses. Those owners are going to remember you, what you like, how you like it and be ready to help you. Seems a pleasant way to get what you need right?

Support your local small businesses, including those cottage businesses that are individuals and families.

It is through this change in how we buy things and supporting small businesses, that will revamp our society and help us all become less likely to be trampled on by the corporations as consumers and employees.

Interested in more?

If you would like to consider using natural products in your health and home, please reach out. I’m happy to answer questions you have without obligation or pressure to purchase anything. If you see something you like I’m happy to help you get it.

If you’re ready to start setting your own goals that matter to you, let me know. I’ll show you how I have been able to balance the scale a little bit more in my favor.

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