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Uplifting Cheer Oil

Can happiness be bottled?

It actually has been.

The bottle is called Cheer and it is a doTERRA oil blend that does really make you feel happy.

Cheer oil is a wonderful blend of Clove, Wild Orange, Star Anise, Lemon Myrtle and Nutmeg. It has a warm, inviting and illuminating aroma that makes us feel gratified, fulfilled, uplifted and happy.

Like all of doTERRA’s oils there is never any fillers, chemicals or added ingredients to their oils. The oils blend is simply these oils mixed together in 1 bottle.

Cheer Support

When we feel weighed down, hopeless, heavyhearted, or depleted these feelings can easily manifest into larger concerns for our physical and behavioral health. We all have times when we have larger situations we are working through but it is during these times we need the extra support that helps us clearly and intentionally overcome these feelings long term.

Cheer helps us remember there is much more to life than hard times and knock down events. This oil supports our ability to take stock and regain little bits of hope that we can build on to overcome these tough challenges.

The oils in this blend also able to help work through inflammation and PMS symptoms that often appear and complicate those times when are feeling low.

Topically applying a drop over our heart on our forehead and wrists we can give our body and mind the cellular support it needs to help us through these times of disconnection and help us find more solid ground. (Reminder, always dilute the oil with a fractionated coconut oil or lotion before skin application)


Cost Per Drop

Cheer comes in a 5ml bottle containing 150 drops of happiness. The cost per drop is $0.16. Who knew happiness was less than $.20 per drop?