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Use Your Nose

If I asked your to close your eyes to smell an essential oil and then describe what you experienced, would you?

Essential oils have been around longer than anyone alive today. Many have histories that are well documented in our religions and medical archives. We continue to expand our knowledge out these gifts of nature and find ways to include them in our lives in lieu of things that are harmful and damaging to our health.

I recently polled my customers and those I have been connecting with about their thoughts on essential oils and to describe what they thought with adjectives. Quite honestly, I thought the lists would be similar but surprisingly they are not. I’ve been thinking about this for some time to understand why.

Words commonly used by Oil Users

These are words I have heard when I ask my customers what they think about their essential oils and experiences they’ve had with them.

These are individuals who have closed their eyes and smelled an essential oil.

  1. Beautiful

  2. Impactful

  3. Effective

  4. Natural

  5. Pure

  6. Quality

  7. Peaceful

  8. Uplifting

  9. Valuable

  10. Helpful

  11. Healing

  12. Safe

  13. Aromatic

  14. Powerful

  15. Wonderful

  16. Unique

  17. Blended

  18. Earthy

  19. Limitless

  20. Transformational

  21. Sacred

  22. Responsive

  23. Medicinal

  24. Therapuetic

  25. Gifts

Non-Users List

These are words I heard when I’ve asked someone if they have tried essential oils or would be interested in doing so and they say no.  In most cases the majority of these individuals have never smelled an essential oil.

  1. Unsafe

  2. Ineffective

  3. Costly

  4. Confusing

  5. Dangerous

  6. Harmful

  7. Trendy

  8. Made-up

  9. Gimick

  10. Useless

  11. Misguided

  12. Hippy-like

  13. Voodoo

  14. Snake oils

  15. Caustic

  16. Not Christian

  17. Scam

  18. Expensive

  19. Weird

  20. Over-rated

  21. No

Can you see a difference?

The vast majority of people who try a quality essential oil for a condition, concern or interest gave a positive experience. They use positive descriptive words.

The ones who may have heard about essential oils, tried another brand or are not interested used more negative descriptive words.

It starts with an oil experience with one bottle and can grow into a love of what it is possible.

Having an oil experience begins with smelling an oil and letting your senses and emotions take over. The aroma of an oil has an immediate effect on our bodies and can transpire into feelings we experience physically and emotionally.



Not Sure About Oils

If you are on the Non-Users List or have used one of these words when someone has asked you about essential oils, I encourage your to try them.

Try a good quality oil from a reputable company and give it an honest try in your life.

In fact, if you would like I’m happy to send you a sample myself with some help on how to use it. Email me and let’s figure out what would be a good oil for you to try. There is no pressure to purchase a thing. I simply ask you to try a sample and give your honest feedback.

Interested in more?

Even if you are a skeptic about oils ability to actually work, I encourage you to try them yourself and not let misinformation keep you from something that could truly change your life.

Email me with questions and help getting started

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