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Water Regularly

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

While I’m not a fan of winter and cold weather one of my favorite things about this time of year is the seed catalogs that come in the mail. It is a sign that Spring will in fact come and I can actually bring my love of playing in the dirt inside the house in the meantime.

Since he was little, I’ve always involved our son in this process of starting seeds. We pull out the seed trays and mix the ingredients of dirt and plant food together. We organize the seed packs of what can be started now and what needs to wait for warm weather outside. We carefully put the seeds in the pods and talk about how big they will grow. Then we water each little dirt cup very carefully and watch closely for things to come up out of that dirt.

The secret as I tell him every year we do this is always in how much to water those seedlings.

Too much water and the seeds will drown and rot, never taking hold to sprout.

Too little and they will also never come up or they will be weak.

Keeping them wet at just the right amount though, and you have some beautiful sprouted seedlings that are amazing to watch grow and will be healthy to put in the beds outside come spring time.

We Too Are Seedlings

When we start out wanting to pursue a healthier physique we always hear to drink more water.

Give up the soda, caffeine and grab a water.

Want to lose weight? Drink water.

Want more energy? Drink water.

Water is fantastic for our bodies and our cells, organs and blood love it.