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Weight Loss & Essential Oils

Now that school is back in session I am re-focusing my attention on what we are eating at home. We enjoy a lot of the summer veggies and fruits but we also enjoy a lot of the not-so-healthy things and other indulgences of summer, like ice cream!

There are several essential oils that can support weight management and weight loss when you are working to clean up your eating. Here are a few that I am using for this purpose and why they work.

Slim & Sassy

Don’t let the name fool you.

This is a very, very sassy oil.

The Slim & Sassy product line at doTERRA is all about hunger and sweet tooth craving control and support. The oils used in the Slim & Sassy focus on supporting your metabolism so you feel full longer and have less cravings that can be the demise of any healthy eating effort.


Try adding a couple drops to your water or selecting the Slim & Sassy gum when you feel cravings knocking at 3PM.


Fennel is a great essential oil for appetite control whether you’re looking to eat less or need help selecting the more healthy options through the day.

A drop of fennel in your water helps deter you from wanting things like chocolate and super rich foods that are laden with calories.



Adding a little lemon oil to your water is a great pick-me-up throughout the day without the pulp or seeds that comes from a lemon wedge. Also, unlike a simple lemon wedge, 1 drop of lemon essential oil packs a much more powerful punch of citrus super antioxidant power for your immunity.

Lemon is a natural detox fruit that helps us with water weight and claiming victory early on the scale when we are first starting out on focusing on our weight loss journey.


Citrus Bliss

One of the habits many of us try to break is with drinking soda, regular and diet versions. Both are laden with salt and sugars that can lead to weight gain and water weight.

An alternative to soda is 1 -2 drops doTERRA Citrus Bliss to carbonated water or seltzer. It gives you the fizzy taste of a soda with a lovely orange blend scent and taste.


Interested in more?

If you are working with your weight consider supporting your needs with essential oils. Reach out to me with questions and help finding the oils perfect for your interests and needs.

Wholesale membership access gives you 25% off all your purchases for an entire year! It is a great way to enjoy doTERRA’s wonderful essential oils at a significant discount. Get your membership access today at:

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