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What Clean Smells Like

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

There are many products on the market that claim they are what clean smells like. Words like fresh, fields and mountain streams, linens, lavender, and even the word clean give us this imagery of what clean is supposed to smell like. It’s funny how our sense of vision influences our sense of smell isn’t it? In truth, the smell of clean comes down to what makes us walk into a room and say aloud or to ourselves, gee this room smells good because if it smells good it must be clean.

The clean smell often supersedes if the room is actually clean. It can be dusty, untidy or in complete chaos but if it smells good we are in a better place mentally to calmly accept and deal with the rest. Our sense of smell and how our brain and body respond to that smell greatly influences our mood, action, and thoughts. Smells trigger different feelings, thoughts, memories and associations we have with experiences in our life. Warm cinnamon apples is the smell of a pie, fragrant pine smells are the things of home, holidays and family, linen and crisp aromas are associated with clean.

Is this what clean should smell like though?

Is clean just a manufactured smell rather than a state of being?

Does clean really have a smell?

Is clean just in our heads?

The Nose Burn of Clean Smells

Some cleaners have a harsh smell that tingles or slightly burns your nose when you inhale them. The strong bleach, ammonia or other ingredients that have a stronger smell are also included in our range in what we associate to clean smells. The truth is these harsh smells are not only dangerous to our respiratory system, immunity health, skin and long term health condition but they are also unnecessary in the majority of cases. Often it is our mental association of what clean should smell like that necessitates the use of these harsher cleaners. In reality, the warfare on germs and viruses through harsh cleaning agents has only served to weaken our immunity system and cause us to be at risk.

Having worked in health care the majority of my career I have spent my fair share of time in hospitals and doctor offices. There is no disguising that sharp antiseptic smell of a hospital for instance from the products used to keep that facility clean and safe for patients for instance. There is an ongoing warfare against viruses, blood borne pathogens and other dangerous situations to our health actively underway in all of these settings. It is necessary to keep things very sterile so they are safe. Harsher products have a place in situations like this where there can be mass exposure to things that can cause outbreaks, diseases and even deaths. However, even in some of these situations we have taken it too far in what is actually necessary and safe.

The more we exposure our body to harsher chemicals the more we tear down its natural ability to protect itself. Our immunity systems are incredibly equipped to keep us healthy. A weakened immunity system is when we find ourselves sick or unable to retain health. When we use harsher chemical cleaners on a regular basis we are replacing this natural capability with a manufactured one. Our immunity system is stripped of its protecting powers like Superman and Cryptonite. We become powerless and incapable of fighting off bad things in our environment like viruses and germs.

For best results of these harsher cleaners in your home, they should only be used sparingly when necessary. I pull them out when someone has been sick and others in our house are likely to get it. I also use them when things need to be reset, like in spring cleaning and I want everything deeply cleaned. The rest of the time they stay locked down and out of reach.

What Clean Should Actually Smell Like

Clean is actually a combination of actually having something physically cleaned up and not smelling bad. It doesn’t necessarily have to have a good smell or any smell at all. Many of us however do enjoy pleasant smells in our home and we are drawn to aromas that support what we think home should smell like.

For frequent and regular cleaning I recommend natural plant based products that are safe for your home and those in it, including pets. These products are economical as well as great at cleaning.

OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner

Containing the doTERRA OnGuard essential oil blend, On Guard Concentrate is a versatile multi surface cleaner that replaces sprays, floor cleaners, dish soaps, bath cleaners and more.

Check out the review I did on this cleaner in early 2018 when I first started using it:

I continue to use this cleaner in our home. It has replaced the cleaner I was using on the bathroom tile, the multi surface spray cleaner I used to purchase and I also include it in the dishwasher tablets I make. I frequently use this cleaner to wash baseboards, window sills, door handles, clean porcelain in the bathrooms, wipe down the shower doors and the fridge. It is also what I use to clean the dog kennels.


This essential oil blend from doTERRA is my secret weapon. Consisting of Lemon, Lime, Siberian Fir, Austrian Fir, Pine, Citronella, Melaleuca and Cilantro it is clean smell of my home. When I need to go on germ warfare around our home or it is just in need of a solid cleaning, this oil is in my pocket.

Toilet Bowls

I use this oil as part of how I clean toilet bowls. Simply mix 2 tablespoons baking soda with 10 drops Purify in the toilet bowl, add white vinegar.

Disinfectant Spray & Cleaner

It is also used when I need to get rid of the towel funk or a particularly stinking area in our home. Mixing this oil with water (6-8 drops oil, 1 tablespoon white vinegar and fill rest with water) makes a perfect surface cleaner.

Even just diffusing this oil helps rid the air of germs and viruses.

Funky Towels

Add 2 -4 drops to the wash and another few drops to wool dryer balls

Interested in more?

The clean smell doesn’t have to be harsh to be effective. Protecting our skin, immunity system, respiratory system and overall heath with gentler cleaners is important not only for us and our family but also our pets and environment.

If you’re ready to spring clean without the harsh chemical cleaners, please reach out. I’m happy to answer any questions and help you get the oils and products that will clean effectively while saving your money.

Getting a doTERRA account means you can access all of the high quality pure natural health and home products you need at a discount. Get your account today at

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