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What My Orders Look Like

Are you ready to start incorporating natural products in your life but don’t know what that means?

There’s still time in August to get started and save a bundle doing it – I will help you too!

Most who haven’t had the chance to try how wonderful essential oils and natural products are for your life don’t understand what you could possibly order and need every single month.

Trust me, I have placed a monthly order for a long time now and every month I get new things, replace things I’ve used up and other things I want to stock up a little on.

To give you an idea of what that means I’m going to show you what I ordered this summer and why.



June was when my wholesale membership renewed and I had lots of points I had accumulated over the year to use up so this was a big order but not terrible on my budget because most of it was FREE! Yes entirely Free as in no cash out of pocket.

The * means the item was to replenish what we were running low on. Otherwise it means this was a new product or oil I was ordering for the first time.

Here’s what my order looked like:

  1. Serenity Sleep Kit (oil & soft gels)*

  2. Slim & Sassy soft gels*

  3. Fennel*

  4. Spearmint oil

  5. Copaiba oil*

  6. Douglas Fir

  7. Anti Aging Eye Cream*

  8. Vetiver*

  9. Brightening Gel*

  10. Black Pepper

  11. Cedarwood*

  12. Lavendar Touch*

  13. Peppermint*

What I got free in this order, meaning $0 cash spent out of pocket was:

  1. Douglas Fir

  2. Anti-Aging Eye Cream

  3. Vetiver

  4. Brightening Gel

  5. Black Pepper

  6. Cedarwood

  7. Lavender Touch

  8. Peppermint

The Fennel oil was on sale for an additional 10% off during June so it was worth picking up a spare bottle at this time.

The Peppermint was free because my membership renewed and doTERRA sent me this as a thank you for being their customer.

Normally I would have also ordered a refill of the Life Long Vitality supplements but I have been stocking up on those and could pass on ordering for a couple months to get oils and still stay within my family budget.

That was over half my order coming FREE.



In July I needed to replenish some of my skincare products and I could pass again on the Life Long Vitality supplements because I still had some new boxes of them in my cabinet.

My order this month included: (* means replenishment, blank means new product I’m ordering for first time)

  1. Lemongrass*

  2. OnGuard Detergent*

  3. Immortelle Hydration Lotion

  4. Verage Moisturizer*

  5. OnGuard Foaming Hand Soap Refill*

  6. Cedarwood*

  7. Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub

In this order these products were free, meaning $0 cash out of pocket spent:

  1. Cedarwood<