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What No One Tells You About Essential Oils

There are some things you can expect to have happen when you start using essential oils. The benefits are well messaged and part of the reason oils have picked up in popularity. These common good positive results include things like

  1. feeling better

  2. sleeping soundly

  3. having more energy

  4. feeling upbeat and happy

There are also things you may experience that that no one will tell you might happen. These unexpected results can be surprising and cause quite a stir.

Here’s what no one will tell you about using essential oils:

You May Not See Immediate Results

When we are so used to being surrounded by chemicals and toxins it can take a while to clear out our system and start seeing benefits from using essential oils. The essential oils are working from the first time you use them but seeing progress and change may take more time.

You May Not Like the Smell


Oils all have a unique aroma that can be strong and not appealing to some of us. We all respond to oils different so it’s important to find oils that align to our body’s chemistry.

For example if you don’t like the smell of grapefruit essential oil you can receive similar benefits from trying another similar citrus oil like tangerine.

Or by blending the oil you don’t like with others you cans still receive the benefits of the oil while blending the scent with others so it is not so obvious.

You May Need To Adjust How You Use An Oil