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Where to Put Oils

Location, location, location!

Location when using essential oils can make a huge difference on the benefits you will realize. The fact that you are curious to try oils or already use them regularly is fantastic in supporting your health naturally. Here are some tips for increasing those benefits when you use the topical application method.

Before you apply

Always dilute oils before skin application – here’s why:

  1. Reduces likelihood of any skin irritation due to the oil’s potency

  2. Reduces evaporation of the oil before it can be absorbed into the pores

  3. Helps the oil be absorbed more easily into the body

To dilute means to add a carrier oil to the essential oil. Carrier oils can vary and include lotions as well. One of the most common and inexpensive carrier oils used is fractionated coconut oil.


Dilution also means the amount of oil you use in addition to the carrier oil. For example for children and pets you want to use very small amounts of oil based on age and weight. Here are some basic guidelines for children and pets:

dog dilution
cat dilution

Where to apply

With your now diluted oil the next step is to actually apply it to your body.

...but where?

That greatly depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


The bottom of the feet is one of the best places to place essential oils. This area of the body has the ability to easily absorb the oils and deliver their benefits directly into the bloodstream quickly.

Feet application is ideal for illness, coughs, fever, emotional support, depression, disease management, virus, infection, bacterial support, and more!

This location is also great for child application of oils because they are less likely to get it into their eyes or moSpSuth.

You can get all technical about where on your feet to put the oil to target specific function in your body but in general just putting the oil on the bottom of your feet is a fantastic way to maximize the benefits of that oil in your health.

Back of Neck & Behind the Ears

We never want to put oils inside our oils but applying them to the back and the back of our necks is an excellent location for things like earaches, sinus pressure relief, headaches, stress support and emotional help.

Pulse Points

Your pulse points including the wrists and neck are connection points where oils can be introduced to support your body. The oils in these locations support blood flow, calming, anxiety, excitement, happiness and stress management


Your temples and forehead are great places for oils when there is pressure and pain associated with sinus, migraine or stress.


Applying oils over your heart helps with stress, emotional pain, anxiety, comfort, soothing and other support for your feelings and emotions.


Applying oils to the front of your neck where your thyroid is located helps with adrenal and thyroid function.


Applying oils to the spine is soothing, comforting and relaxing. This is an excellent location for children and babies.


Direct means putting the oil where you need it. For instance if using lavender to soothe a sunburn you would apply it where the skin is irritated.


Oils are also known to help align and support our chakras. Applying specific oils in these areas of the body helps uplift, support and connect us.

Interested in more?

The bottom line is topical application, regardless of location is a great way to experience the power and benefits of natural essential oils. Quality is super important when using oils topically because less than pure oils may introduce irritations and illnesses because of the other ingredients they have in them and what those ingredients may have done to the composition of the essential oils.

For this reason I only use doTERRA essential oils. doTERRA’s oils are 100% pure and independently tested several times between the point of harvest through bottling to guarantee the purest, highest quality oil possible.

If you have questions or would like to have oils in your health, please reach out. I’m happy to help you find the perfect oils for your needs and help you understand how to use them safely.

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