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Where to Put Oils

Location, location, location!

Location when using essential oils can make a huge difference on the benefits you will realize. The fact that you are curious to try oils or already use them regularly is fantastic in supporting your health naturally. Here are some tips for increasing those benefits when you use the topical application method.

Before you apply

Always dilute oils before skin application – here’s why:

  1. Reduces likelihood of any skin irritation due to the oil’s potency

  2. Reduces evaporation of the oil before it can be absorbed into the pores

  3. Helps the oil be absorbed more easily into the body

To dilute means to add a carrier oil to the essential oil. Carrier oils can vary and include lotions as well. One of the most common and inexpensive carrier oils used is fractionated coconut oil.


Dilution also means the amount of oil you use in addition to the carrier oil. For example for children and pets you want to use very small amounts of oil based on age and weight. Here are some basic guidelines for children and pets: