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Where We Are With Understanding Behavioral Health Diseases

First A Note of Thanks from Me!

This post marks our 200th on this blog. I am so appreciative of the subscribed readers that are continuing to grow in support of this blog. Thank you!

What We Know

The truth is we don’t know all about how our brain and emotions work or how they connect to our physical health.

We don’t know what causes these things to not work well anymore resulting in conditions we label as behavioral health or mental health issues.

We live in a society that understands these things even less than the doctors and scientists resulting in stigma, stereotyping and lack of acceptance and support.

Information is still evolving in the field of mental and behavioral health studies to understand what causes these conditions and how to diagnosis and treat them. Doctors and scientists don’t have cures for these conditions. However, billions of dollars of prescriptions are written in hopes of managing and “curing” these conditions.

Behavioral health conditions are a wild west of uncertainty and disconnection that further complicates the diagnosis and prevents true healing from occurring.


A Limited Health System

All touch points for treating behavioral health in our health care system are broken and severely limited when it comes to getting care.

High Cost