Why Are You Paying More?

You can buy just about anything from Amazon. It literally  is the one-stop-shop that comes delivered right to your door.

I like Amazon and personally cannot wait until they emerge into the pharmaceutical and grocery business full swing.  I think it will introduce some much needed change to those industries.

Amazon brings value by being convenient.

Convenience does not always mean however, less in cost.

We buy through Amazon quite a bit in our house and for the most part you can get a decent price on most things. You do however have to be savvy and it’s healthy to do price checks on the things you’re buying.

The Case for Deep Blue

My mother in-law has been raving about the doTERRA Deep Blue Rub we gave her as part of her Mother’s Day gift to all her friends.  The other day she called me to say one of her friends was also a fan of the doTERRA Deep Blue Rub and that she buys it off Amazon.

Curious, I checked the prices on Amazon on this product.

deep blue amz

Each item was listed at retail price or higher.

That’s at least a 25% markup. In this case the Deep Blue Rub 4oz retail being $39 so a markup of almost $10 and in some cases it was more!

If you purchase 5 tubes of Deep Blue in a year, considering you’re using it just about every day. That’s $50 that you have just given away. That may not be much to you and overall not a big deal but I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be pleased about an extra $50 in their wallet.

However, the cost markup doesn’t stop there…

Let’s Compare

deep blue 2

So let’s go back to our Deep Blue 4oz Rub that is $39 on Amazon for a Prime Member.

If you were to buy that product on Amazon, you would pay $39 and it would arrive in about 2 days to your home. You have no guarantee it is fresh, where it has been before it got to you or how long it’s been sitting on a shelf.

If you were to buy the same product from direct from doTERRA through me you would pay $29.25 and receive a rebate in the form of points of at least $7.48  and up to $8.98 plus at least $4 for your shipping that you could then save up to get a future bottle of doTERRA Deep Blue Rub for free. This Deep Blue Rub comes directly from doTERRA and is guaranteed so if you have any problems with it those can be resolved without any further cost to you.

Oh yeah, you’d also have access to

  1. Other great doTERRA products and special sales

  2. A supportive Wellness Advocate to help you with any questions or problems

  3. Contact direct with the company that makes that product for any support needs

How to Maximize Your Savings

So let’s rethink how you can get Deep Blue Rub and reserve that extra $50.

My recommendation would be this:

  1. Enroll as a wholesale customer for $35

  2. This gives you 1 year of access to wholesale prices direct from doTERRA

  3. Ability to purchase any product you like whenever you like just like Amazon

  4. Annually you can renew your membership for $25

  5. Upon renewal, doTERRA will send you a free bottle of Peppermint valued at $27.50…. meaning your membership is FREE

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but Amazon just raised their annual Prime membership to $119 a year and you don’t get any of that refunded to you upon renewal.

  7. Select from the products you wish to purchase, let’s say you want the 4oz Deep Blue Rub


Interested in more?

Nothing against Amazon. Like I said we use them quite a bit in our home. However, if there’s a chance to get the same product direct from the company that makes it at a lower price put the extra cash back in your wallet and go enjoy yourself with it.

If you would like to stop overpaying on doTERRA products you are buying from Amazon, reach out to me. I’m happy to help you save your money and get what you need to be healthy and well.



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