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Why We Love Spring Cleaning & Purging

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Spring challenges us to open our blinds and windows and let nature in. It’s like an electrical current we receive energy from. Outside things are melting, shifting, growing and blooming. We take in these changes and feel renewed. We feel a physical need to move, be active, be busy, be engaged, get involved or just get our hands dirty in the fresh soil. Often called Spring Fever it is our connection to nature that is driving these changes we feel.

Spring also opens our hearts and minds where we are interested in looking at our life and home with fresh eyes. A new color for a room, fresh linens or towels for a bed, or just a good basic cleaning from top to bottom. We see outside gardens that need a good clearing and place for fresh flowers. Overall we feel this instinctual need to purge, sort, organize and refresh a lot of areas in our life during this time of year.

It can be empowering and fulfilling to let nature take over our energy and motivate us to clean up our homes and yards. This is exactly what nature itself is doing and we are after all deeply connected to this energy for our very breath.


Clutter is different for everyone. For me I love not seeing much on my counters and surfaces. Less is more for me even though I do find that my closets and pantry are not always as organized as I would like. I can think better when my surfaces are free of things. My husband is a saver. He is one that says you never know when you will need something (for which he is totally right on that point) but it results in having a lot more stuff. More stuff means finding more ways to store, display, dust, maintain and find. It means constantly moving something to get to what you need. It means stuff on the counters.

For me spring cleaning is getting rid of things we don’t or haven’t used in a while. For my husband it means organizing things so he can find them later.

When you are making these tough decisions of what to keep and what to purge grab a bottle of doTERRA Lemongrass essential oil. Here’s why, lemongrass is a cleansing oil. It cuts grease, grime and eliminates dust molecules. It however also works on our emotions in this process by helping us let go of things we are holding onto that no longer serve us. Lemongrass lets us see our self-worth and how it is truly not connected to material things. I call Lemongrass our anti-hoarding oil.

Lemongrass is also good for removing stains. Carpet, walls and surfaces periodically need that wipe down and we have stains or marks that never seem to come up. A drop of Lemongrass cuts through those situations.