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Why You Should Infuse CBD With Essential Oils

When you use CBD oil, you can realize incredible benefits to support your health and manage conditions you are experiencing. This “miracle oil” has provided some much needed help to a lot of people in just the short time it has become popular in mainstream society. For millions of people, CBD oil has been a welcome alternative to expensive medications in the support of treating PTSD, severe anxiety, and many of other behavioral health diagnosis.

However, sometimes just using CBD is not enough. The effects of some of the behavioral health conditions can be so significant and worse at times that it can seem nothing works to provide even minimal relief.


Did you know?

Those benefits from using CBD can be greatly enhanced when you add essential oils to the CBD oil!

It’s amazing how bringing two plant sources free of chemicals, toxins and man-made materials can actually help us heal our bodies and minds.

Whether you use the vapes, tintures or edibles with your CBD or are just using essential oils combining the two brings on a whole new level for managing our health especially when we have a behavioral health diagnosis we are living with every day.

A Word About Pre-Made Infused CBD

Yes, you can purchase pre-made infused CBD oils that contain essential oils but our personal research has not shown us that these are not necessarily pure essential oils that may be used in these versions of the products we checked so we are cautious about them at this time.

It is super important to make sure you are using high quality pure essential oils. An impure or altered essential oil can cause harm to you and will not be as effective to what you are trying to accomplish.

We only use the doTERRA essential oils in our home because of their purity standards and testing to ensure they are a high quality. There are others on the market but we stand by doTERRA as the only one we will take internally and use in our home.

Let’s face it, if you’re already not well, why do you want to risk further health impacts by taking a questionable oil internally?