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Women’s Health and Oils

As women we have some unique needs to deal with in our lives. Our bodies, hormones and emotions are tightly entwined requiring us to constantly balance and adjust.

Often traditional medicine deals with the physical needs of our bodies. The ailments, illnesses and diseases that attack our physical body and its many cells, organs and functions. Understanding women’s health however requires us to look beyond just the physical needs.

There are so many changes in hormones a woman will go through in her life.

We can support our physical, emotional and hormonal needs naturally at all phases. Doing so, improves our bodies response to changes and allows it to adapt in its own unique way.

Clary Calm

Women need clary sage in their life. This is our personal feel better, manage hormones essential oil. The doTERRA Clary Calm works for women of all ages, from pre-teen to elderly when it comes to our daily hormone support needs.


This oil blend is soothing, comforting and encouraging. Using it throughout the month as needed helps relieve the symptoms we experience with our periods and hormones.

Bone Nutrient

From the time we approach our pre-teen years women are developing their bones. As we age, protecting our bones becomes even more essential due to the change in hormones and bone loss we experience.

This daily supplement helps us continue healthy bone growth and support through the changes we experience in adulthood.

bone nutrient2
bone nutrient

Hormone Changes

Every women goes through changes in their hormones. It is a continual process of regeneration that is occurring in our bodies every day.

Supporting our hormones and their connection to our health is vital. This daily supplement ensures we give our bodies the support they need to navigate the continual hormonal changes we are experiencing.


Additional Support

Even with the incredible natural products we have covered some of us will need additional hormonal support. Many of us too will need additional emotional support as our hormones shift.

Whisper is a beautiful oil blend specially crafted for just these needs.


This oil can be used aromatically in a diffuser with clary sage or individually. It can also be applied to the back of the neck, stomach and heart as needed.

Interested in more?

As women we are connected to the Earth through our very being so why would we look further than Earth to help us heal, support and protect us?

Please contact me for questions and help finding the oils perfect for your needs.

Wholesale members save at least 25% off all their purchases. The Women’s Health kit that includes the Bone Nutrient, Phytoestrogen and Clary Calm roller have additional discounts when purchased as a kit compared to individually. Become a Member today and start saving!

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