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Yoga Oils – Not Just for Yogis

The doTERRA Yoga collection of oils are truly inspirational. Each oil focuses on a different area of our lives to help us realize our own personal strength and beauty for what we are capable of doing in life.

These oils are very supportive during yoga practice but even if you are not a yogi you can enjoy the benefits from these oils.

Who knows they could even encourage you to dust off your yoga mat and enjoy a couple poses to further enhance the experiences of these oils.



The oils blended together for this oil create a very comforting, centering aroma that promotes a sense of completeness, wholeness and courage.

Include in this blend:

  1. Lavender

  2. Cedarwood

  3. Frankincense

  4. Cinnamon Bark

  5. Sandalwood

  6. Black Pepper

  7. Patchouli

In addition to yoga poses aimed at centering, balancing and rooting you this oil is great for helping us work through many emotional needs including:

  1. Anxiety

  2. Depression

  3. Hyper

  4. Overwhelmed

  5. Disconnected

  6. Unworthy

  7. Afraid

  8. Uncertain

Diffusing this oil works very well. Comfort may also be realized by applying the oil to the bottom of the feet, crown of the head, back of the neck and over the heart.



The oils in this blend are all for supporting our ability to conquer, accomplish and proceed with clarity and confidence. I like to envision moving from a seated position to a standing tall and ready to do what I need with certainty and grace.

Within this beautiful oil include:

  1. Lemon

  2. Grapefruit

  3. Siberian Fir

  4. Osmanthus

  5. Melissa

This oil is perfect for using when you feel:

  1. Over-thinking

  2. Unclear

  3. Multiple options

  4. Anxious

  5. Sad

  6. Feel stagnant in progress

  7. Need self-growth

Again diffusing this oil is very good and it certainly supports power positions within your yoga practice. However, non-yogis can also find support with this oil when they face challenges in work and personal life that require choice, goal setting, progress or need to improve our perspective to happier conditions. Apply this oil to your feet bottoms and over your heart and forehead for strength and movement forward with intention.



This is a beautiful yoga oil for all those triangle poses where alignment is key to creating those graceful poses. Align brings out our ability to create harmony in our lives and fluidity of letting good and bad feelings balance so they are less impactful to our movements and daily life.

Within the bottle are these oils:

  1. Bergamot

  2. Coriander

  3. Marjoram

  4. Peppermint

  5. Geranium

  6. Basil

  7. Rose

  8. Jasmine

Using this oil off the mat in your diffuser and applying it to your feet bottoms as well as over your heart are ideal for help with:

  1. Finding balance

  2. Seeking calm and peace

  3. Acceptance

  4. Being open to trust in self and others

  5. Allowing fluidity

  6. Being centered

  7. Having harmony

Interested in more?

Don’t let the yoga label prevent you from experiencing the benefits of these oils.

If you have questions please email me at

This collection of oils can be purchased 25% off with your wholesale membership access. Click the “Become a Member” on our website to setup your access and select this incredible set of oils.

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