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Dragonspit Workshops

Amy Kramer, BCND has developed a range of workshops to support you long term with your holistic health journey. Explore below and sign up today!

10-Day Self Care Challenge

Nourish Your Life & Health

4-Week Real-Food Challenge

Learn how to rebuild your food relationship in the Four-Week Real-Food Challenge!

Chronic Constipation and Other Bowel Problems

Improving constipation related problems just became more naturally easy inside this program. $197

Do you need a detox, cleanse, or a fast?

Find out if you do & how to find the one that you need.

Essential Oils and Crystal Workshop

Learn how to use crystals and essential oils together in the right combination to support your health needs and goals.

How to Get Swimsuit Ready without Severe Dieting

Quit hiding under your coverup & get in the water confidently

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Sugar

Rebuild your relationship with sugar to improve your health. $47

Meditation Toolkit

Discover the power of mediation with Amy Kramer, an experienced traditional naturopathic practitioner and ordained healing arts spiritual guide. This self-guided meditation series will help you improve your daily meditation practice. At the end of the self-guided workshop, you will have the tools you need to include meditative mindfulness within your busy day to help with stress reduction, navigating tough problems, and supporting your work on health-related goals.


Stress Less for Healthier You

Stress may not always be controllable but your health can be. $197

The Brain Workshop

Learn tools for protecting your brain as you age as well as help your loved ones who are experiencing changes in their brain health.

Thyroid Class

Learn the natural support needs of your thyroid

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