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Pairing Oils

When it comes to diffusing or using oils in our daily routines there can be confusion about what oils work, smell and support the best together.

Blending oils helps us maximize benefits and support complex needs that need a more robust solution than 1 oil may be able to provide. There are physical, behavioral and emotional needs that can be best supported through the oils being blended together.

We don’t have to be mad scientists when blending oils! 

Our bodies tell us what is working for us and what is not. They tell us things we like and don’t like. We can trust these messages to help guide us when we simply don’t know.

However, there are also simple guides to use when knowing what oil to pair with another or even a couple others to maximize the support and create the blends that will support us the best. Here are some examples of how to get started.

A Basic Guide

I simply love this info-graph created by Somothereapy to show some great ways to pair oils together.

I agree with most of their links between the oils and have found a few others that also work well with the core oils they have featured.

Diffuser Recommendations

There are oodles of diffuser blend options featured on as well as a general web search. My best advice when trying a new diffuser blend is to start with a decreased amount of drops until you know you like it and it’s doing what you want it to.

If for instance you try a diffuser blend and the aroma is terrible you don’t want to have wasted a lot of oil experimenting with it. Start small and try it first.

I have  a large Pinterest board of diffuser blends I have found and many I have tried. It’s been very helpful to me when I’m looking for something different or new and want to try working with oils I don’t use as frequently.

Best Oils to Blend

  1. It’s best when blending oils to use single oils and not already blended oils. Many blended oils can contain fractionated coconut oil or other ingredients that may harm you, your diffuser or not deliver the benefits you’re seeking.

  1. Start with an oil you love. Select an oil you enjoy smelling and are comfortable using as your central oil in your blend. Hold the bottle open under your nose next to an oil you’re considering blending it with to see how it smells to you.

  1. If blending oils for internal use, please use 100% pure authentic, genuine oils and don’t take chances with something simply because it was inexpensive.  It is for this core reason I only use doTERRA oils. The oils are clearly labeled for the ones that can be used internally and doTERRA has been completely transparent about the lengths they go to ensuring the oils are pure, tested for quality and sourced where the plant is free of chemicals and pesticides.

Interested in More?

Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Part of the fun in using essential oils is finding ones that work best for you.

If you have questions please reach out at

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