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Pay Your Age And Not Feel Guilty

I loved the Build-A-Bear event that occurred in July where customers could purchase a bear for the cost of their age. That is clever because who doesn’t love stuffed bears for one! Second, who doesn’t like a special treat on their birthday!


This promotion however brought to mind a more significant meaning for me.

How often are you guilty of feeling embarrassed about your age?

So often as we age we begin to joke about a repeat iteration of our 21st birthday or start to hide our years as best we can dreading a day that honors us the most. Many of us don’t openly disclose our age and get a tight stomach when we must check another age box range on a form.

We forego activities we love or would love to try because we feel conscious of what people will think or say about our behavior.

We let the stigma of aging stop us from enjoying our days and making the most of the one day we are honored unlike any other day in the year.

We Deserve Our Birthday!

Of all the days in the year, our birthday was custom made just for us so why do we feel bad when it comes around?

Where else in the year are you going to have a day completely dedicated to you?

Aging certainly changes us and our birthdays have a way of challenging us to assess our lives, make changes where needed and ensure we are living our life in the best way we can.

Perhaps this self-awareness of our age and evaluation of our lives is what causes this anti-birthday sentiment. Perhaps it is the realization we are not immortal after all.

However, the number in years we have lived should not equate to limitations we