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What Vitamins Women Actually Need

Men have spent their lifetimes trying to figure women out. To them, we are one of the natural wonders of the world that have no explanation of how it came to be or how it works. There are songs, poems and memes saying just how complicated we are to them. They have called us difficult, complex and mysterious.

Mostly I find this true.

We, like men, are highly evolved and yet differently complex in our own unique way. We have different needs, interests and cannot be neatly compartmentalized in similar boxes with each other.

That makes us beautiful and elusive for men.

The same challenge comes to our health care needs. Doctors and laboratories try their best to give us one sized fits all answers for the sake of medications and treatments but in many cases they don’t work. We still experience things differently, have different symptoms and heal in our own way. What works for one woman may not work for another. This is why many women find limitations in working with their health care provider and end up frustrated thinking there is no hope for their needs.

Getting to real answers in a women’s health means looking at her individually and completely. It is means providing root cause that actually solves a problem instead of just covering up the symptoms.

Most importantly, it often means looking past our physical pain points and considering emotional and spiritual impacts of that pain in the solution. Our tolerance for pain is higher than men so our bodies will most often than not give us signals emotionally and spiritually when there is a problem. This is where natural health can be so pivotal in helping us heal and find health.

Where Vitamins and Supplements Fall in Health Care