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The Best of 2019

I did this top 10 most liked blog posts last year to commemorate the first year of my blog. I did it out of curiosity to learn what my new readers and followers liked so I could more of that in 2019. It surprised me what people liked the most. Some posts I thought for sure were going to be smash hits and didn’t even hit the top 20. Others I could easily see why people feel in love with them and shared them with friends and across social media. I considered 2018 a huge success for the launch of my blog with over 1000+ readers and almost 700 subscribers of my posts throughout that year.

As of September 2019 I had matched my year end 2018 total for readers and views of posts with no sign of slowing down! Word is literally getting out about this little blog.

The blog will turn 2 in January 2020. That means for the past 2 years I have written a lot of words, created and found a lot of graphics and formed a lot of posts. Almost 900 posts in fact since the birth of this blog in January 2018. On average about 20 post per month get published by me. That volume has not always been easy given the research, drafting, creation and editing process I go through. It also means I get up between 5 and 5:30 AM Monday through Friday to write for this blog before starting my normal work day. Some days these words flow out of me as I watch the sunrise and others I sit at this keyboard and think, dream and sometimes even doze off.

As I watch this blog turn 2 and look back over 2019 I am once again intrigued by what you dear reader have found interesting, beloved and memorable. Here is the top 10 Dragonspit Apothecary posts most liked and commented on for 2019

10. A Mind, Body & Spirit Cleanse to Support Your Goals

This post speaks to how to detox as you set to embark on setting new goals for the year. This post was wildly read in January 2019 and seemed to help many of you start your new year off right. Seems a perfect time to revisit as we prepare to enter into 2020.

Re-read this post here: January Cleanse

9. If My Head Hurts Why Do I Need Oils on My Feet?